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Personal investment management services, active value investing. Investment Management Associates | Investment Management Associates, Inc. - A Premier Value Investing Firm


What are those things really made of? We`re not sure. But unlike other firms, we’ll explain exactly what’s in your portfolio and why it’s there


You should know what’s in your portfolio and why it’s there

Our quarterly letters are one-of-a-kind (check out the samples). You can also see each position and cost basis on the custodian’s website (reported daily). Still have questions? We can answer them by phone or email.



No-nonsense investments for new clients

Just because we bought a security a year ago doesn’t mean it’s a good purchase for you right now. We don’t railroad new clients into stocks we currently own, unless we still think they`re a good deal for you.

Ethical concerns?
Tax needs?
We’ve got you covered!

We can skip purchases of stocks you don’t want to buy, such as defense or tobacco. We can also make sure you make capital gains or losses for tax purposes. Just let us know what you need.

We don't make
new clients pay

In many mutual funds, clients end up paying taxes on gains enjoyed by previous investors. At IMA you own your own cost basis, so you’re not paying extra.


How about talking to people who make the investment
decisions for a change?

We won’t make you wade through an automated phone system or talk to people who don’t know anything about investing. Our clients have direct access to IMA’s decision makers by phone or email when they want to talk about their portfolios.


No second-rate investments

If we can’t find a high-quality company (in the US or internationally) that fulfills our rigorous valuation criteria and is incredibly cheap, we will simply hold more cash.

No hands behind our backs

If we find a stock that we think would be great for your portfolio, why reject simply because it doesn’t fit a particular box? We set no restrictions on style, size, or geography. It’s hard enough to find good stocks as it is.

No chasing fads

We protect your portfolio by sticking to rational research-based decisions. With clear, strict guidelines for the kinds of businesses we’ll invest in and specific sell criteria, we won’t buy or sell simply because everyone else is buying or selling – unless our research concludes that it’s good for your portfolio.

No conflicts of interest.

Built to align with what’s best for you.

Our only source of income is our fully disclosed management fee. We built IMA so that our profits correlate to changes in your wealth, ensuring we always make investment choices that are only in your best interests.

Read the Full Disclosure

But we took one more step to align our interests with yours: we own the same stocks as you.

In fact, our CEO Vitaliy Katsenelson’s entire family’s portfolio is invested with IMA (including retirement funds for him and his wife and college funds for his three children).

So rest assured: we eat our own cooking, so we only select stocks that we think are best for your portfolio.


IMA did not make any direct payments to clients for testimonials. However, according to SEC rules, buying a meal at a restaurant for a client is considered an indirect payment. IMA hosts events with meals for clients whenever the IMA team visits clients’ cities and hosts an annual client dinner in Denver, inviting all clients. Many clients who provided testimonials have attended an event with a meal paid for by IMA, and thus, according to SEC rules, have received indirect compensation.



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    Investment Management Associates, Inc. - A Premier Value Investing Firm