An investment company built to serve you

We hate the fact that so many firms in our industry use their clients’ money to enrich themselves while putting their clients at excessive risk. That’s why we built IMA to serve your interests first.

No conflicts of interest

Our fully disclosed management fee is our only compensation. We make investment choices based on only one criterion: we think they will make YOU money.

No bureaucracy

There’s no slow committee in our decision-making process. If a great opportunity presents itself and we’re confident in our research, we won’t miss it just because we’re waiting for the go-ahead from some board.

No dumb things with your money

We have no institutional pressure to own a stock to hug a benchmark or just because our competitors bought it. We invest in businesses we think are good for your portfolio. Period.

Our managers own the same stocks

Our CEO Vitaliy Katsenelson’s entire family investments are handled by IMA, including those of his three kids. That’s because we firmly believe that IMA’s methodology is the only sane way of investing in today’s economy.

“Complete Guide to IMA & Value Investing”


International Research Network

We have spent several decades nurturing an international network of professional investors that help us find new opportunities or gain insights into our existing holdings. That means each of our investment decisions has been peer-reviewed for quality and safety.


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